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Restaurants in Gran Canaria

Expertly prepared cuisine and cocktails

Enjoy creating your own delicious meals in your self-catering apartment in Gran Canaria, or explore the rich culinary tradition of the island by eating out. Celebrating the flavors, ambiance and natural beauty of the Canary Islands, the poolside restaurant and bar at MP Canaima Apartments is an inviting retreat from sun, sand and surf. Sitting at the edge of our tranquil pool, our Pool Bar is the perfect spot for lounging, wining, dining and socializing. Ease into an island state of mind with expertly prepared cuisine and cocktails, whether you are enjoying our sumptuous breakfast, taking a break for lunch or toasting the close of another glorious day in Gran Canaria with a perfectly chilled, perfectly mixed cocktail.

Lounge area of the Pool Bar at Canaima Apartments
Pool Bar

A relaxing Canary Islands vibe infuses our Pool Bar with a soothing sense of tranquillity and relaxation throughout the day.